Potato Cycle

I was a happy potato,
Innocent under ground
Until they dug me out
To a world of… I don’t know what;
Then they washed away my ‘dirt’
and then…..
Then they peeled my skin off
Cut me into thin long strips
Fried me in a deep deep saucepan;
I was bleeding,suffocating,
Beneath the boiling pool of oil
It hurts a lot you know
They pulled me out and drained me
I saw my skin It was crispy
and my inside mealy
I was glad to be alive
Then they did an awful thing,
They put me inside their mouth
and bit
Ouch !!!!
They bit and chewed and bit and chewed
Until I was gone, but not quite
I opened my eyes, I was inside a cave
Dark, gooey, again in a pool
The walls were absorbing my blood
I was bundled, then,
Along with smelly little things
I came out at last
Out of a hole
And damn I smelled like a skunk!
I heard they call something ‘poop’
Was it me or the hole?
I fell from the hole (or poop?)
Again into the hard but soft ground
I crept inside
And slept for a while
The moment I opened my eyes….
I was inside a potato !!!
My new home
My happy home
As time passed we became one
I am happy now
not knowing when will they dig me out
I am not happy about it
But it is the way things work.



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